What is it?

The 2 Project is about stopping world hunger and supporting the arts without breaking the bank. 

We know you work hard for your money! We also know it doesn't take much to make a difference, so we figured we might as well just change the world but we need you to do it.

How It Works

You Donate $2 a Month to end world hunger and support the arts. Simple, I know.

Where does your $2 go?

$1 Goes to Fighting World Hunger. 

75 cents goes to supporting an artist who is making a positive impact on the world with their work. 

25 cents goes back to marketing the 2 project and paying for the site. We need funds to spread the word to make this work!


How can $2 make a difference?

2 Dollars is less than most cups of coffee. You don't need to donate a ton of money to make a difference. Here is why:


There are a lot of humans in the world. About 7.4 Billion.

Over 3.5 Billion humans live in poverty and many others are faced with hardship and adversity.


Lets say that only 500 Million people can even afford to donate $2 a month. That is about 7% of the worlds entire population.

Now, lets say that only .02% of People who can afford to donate, sign up for The 2 Project.

That comes out to be 1 Million Humans, or .001% of the World's Population.


1,000,000 People x $2 every month or...

$24,000,000 a year!

That's 12 Million Dollars a year towards ending world hunger and an additional 12 Million to support the arts!



Why World Hunger?

Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger.

There are a ton of amazing charities in the world that are working tirelessly, but we want to focus on the one issue that everyone can relate to. Over 9 million people die every year from hunger and hunger related diseases. We need to come together and stop this.

We figured out how to do it for $2 a month.

why art?

Making the world a better place will not just come from throwing money at our problems.

Here at The 2 Project, we believe that humanity needs more creativity and happiness. Art is the only language that everyone speaks, no matter what your background or education may be. Artists all over the world are trying to make a difference and we want to support them in making the world a better place. 

With your help, The 2 Project could not only end world hunger, but be the biggest monthly art grant in the world.

who are these "artists?"

We will vet each and every artist/organization that we feature and follow up that the grant money is used in the pursuit of the arts and the betterment of the world. They can range to be anything from an art program in a low income area to someone who specializes in music therapy for disabled children. We are open to artists everywhere and anywhere.  

We just want to help people who are using the arts to make the world a better place.

If we hit our goal of 1 million donors, Feature Artists and organizations would receive $40,000 in Grant Money from The 2 Project! To be able to do that every month, would change the face of the art grant industry.

Every month, you can see the featured artist on The 2 Gallery to know where your money is going and how it is helping out. 

Why give to The 2 Project?

As simple as this sounds, we care.

The 25 cents that goes to The 2 Project goes a long way. We use it to help promote The 2 Project and to pay the best team on the planet to make this a success. Our concept is simple, but we need that quarter to spread this campaign.